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advertisement analysis assignment

In fact, in an assignment that I give my freshman composition students, I ask them to use the following sentence to structure their advertising analysis essay: An advertisement for Ch Advertisement Analysis Essay 1. Writing More Sophisticated Essays. Planning Your Essay. The Thesis Trident. A Three-Step Brainstorming beralpasa.cf: Gary L. Pullman. The Assignment. The Political Campaign Ad Project has been adapted by the Metro since the election of Advertising Persuasive Analysis Assignment Persuasive Analysis The writing assignment will draw on several of the elements which involves analysis, synthesis, evaluation, and persuasion. Sample Ad Analysis. Using the steps for conducting a semiotic analysis outlined in the Semiotics Handout as the foundation for your argument, write a short, word analysis of a women's fashion advertisement from a current magazine. Preparation for this assignment requires the following: 1.) Locating an appropriate advertisement 2.).

Advertisement Analysis Assignment

Ad 1: 1. The boy parks in the principles parking spot, and walks into prom. The music continues and he walks straight up to the prom queen and kisses her, advertisement analysis assignment, her boyfriend sees them, and begins walking towards him angry. The next thing you see is the boy driving down the highway with a advertisement analysis assignment black eye, you hear the engine rev and the boy howls.

The screen goes black and the work bravery pops up, then the Audi logo. The ad makes a lifestyle appeal, advertisement analysis assignment, appealing to young people and the thought that having an Audi will allow you to be braver, and daring the lifestyle they are advertising is one that every young person can relate to. The logo of Audi is used throughout the commercial and is almost always visible.

I saw this ad while watching the super bowl on February 3rd, on NBC, advertisement analysis assignment.

The ad is targeted towards teens and young adults, both men and women, and more towards those with more money, but not specific to advertisement analysis assignment. I think that in this ad the main audience is aspirers, I believe that this is the ads target audience because aspirers want to be part of advertisement analysis assignment groups and want to be accepted, and they buy status symbols to aide them in their process to doing so.

This ad appeals to logos, reasoning, by showing that a complete disregard of reason is necessary to let the person inside you out, in this case the boys dangerous or daring side, advertisement analysis assignment.

The ad makes you trust the company because at the beginning of the ad the boy is sad and going to prom alone which makes the audience feel bad for him.

As the ad progresses and he drives the car the audience sees that the car made him happy and able to show his feelings to his crush despite everything else. The ad appeals to the emotions in the same way a slow transition happens from the audience feeling bad for the boy to the audience wanting the boy to succeed and finally rejoice with the boy that he was able to show his whole high school who he really was. Most young people are aspirers because their dreams are just slightly out of reach, but this ad leads them to believe if they own an Audi anything is possible.

This ad is affective because it appeals to an audience of consumers that may never have thought about buying an Audi before, it make them talk about the ad, advertisement analysis assignment. The Ad makes young people think that maybe they have the bravery to take a chance and buy an Audi to let their inner most desires out.

Aspirers take risks to get to that level that they want to be on so badly; the ad is trustworthy and allows people to relate to and make connections of their own to. Ad 2: 1. The ad is making a humor appeal by having everything that could go wrong to the guy happen and then when he fixes it he messes up again.

The ad also has a certain sex or beauty appeal because of the underwear and the girl being attractive. This ad is geared towards men, of all ages, advertisement analysis assignment. This ad is geared towards men, of all ages,specifically for men. The psychographic of the ad seems to be the explorer, because the explorer seeks new challenges and exciting experiences.

In the ad the man is encountering a new experience that puts him in an awkward situation causing him to sweat and need the product, explorers seek these thrills comes sweat or nerves which is the purpose of the product.

Logos is appealed to because the audience a can easily reason that deodorant stops sweating and that the situation depicted in the ad causes sweating to occur so it makes sense. Because the audience is able to bond on an emotional level with the character they trust that the brand is being honest as well and that the deodorant will work.

The ad was ineffective, this is true advertisement analysis assignment very advertisement analysis assignment information was given to me about the product and the ad barely said anything about the product except for the name and slogan.

Without any other information how am I as the consumer able to decide to purchase the item? Ad 3: 1, advertisement analysis assignment. All of the dialogue in the ad is in a whispering tone because it takes place in a library.

Oreo cookies are being advertised, from the ad one can learn what an Oreo looks like and that both the cream and the cookie in it are good but it is up for debate which is better. The ad has a humor appeal and a testimonial appeal, advertisement analysis assignment. The humor appeal is that everyone is whispering no matter what goes wrong respecting the rules of the library, and also that it is such a hug conflict about which part of the cookie is better. Advertisement analysis assignment testimonial appeal comes from all of the different people involved in the argument telling their opinion.

The micropropoganda used in the ad is the image of the Oreo cookie along with the interaction expected from the audience with the follow up on instagram. The advertisement analysis assignment of this commercial is everyone, people of all ages, genders, ethnicity, are involved in the commercial. Experiencers are the main psychographic of this ad because they are impulsive, the people depicted in the ad are very impulsive because they break things and jump over balconies in order to prove their point or in this case opinion on the cream-cookie debate.

They also find outlets for their energy people who are paying attention to this commercial find the way these people spend their energy humorous and want to go to instagram and voice their opinion and go buy Oreos, advertisement analysis assignment.

However the advertisement analysis assignment establishes trustworthiness in the brand by showing that they know cookies advertisement analysis assignment they know what is important to their customer, which is how the cookie tastes. The ad applies pathos by forcing the audience to choose which they like better and root for their side.

The ad shows through the arguing that people know what Oreo is it makes people want to get a bow of cookies and decide if they like the cream or the cookie better, it forces people to have an opinion of their company and product, advertisement analysis assignment. This ad is effective because it aids people in the forming of an opinion of the Oreo brand, do you like Oreos? Do you like the cream? The cookie? The ad is basically telling the audience to get up grab a box of Oreos and advertisement analysis assignment a decision.

By having the demographic be everyone Oreo has a larger scope of an audience than an ad that is only appealing to children. Ad 4: 1, advertisement analysis assignment. The ad begins with a seemingly wimpy boy having his football taken away by some boys that look like your average bullies. The bully says to the boy come back when you have a team, so the boy gets in his moms car and they go around and pick up his friend who are lifting weights, wrestling a bear, and carrying a man out of a burning building.

The group goes back to the field where the bullies were and he tosses them the ball and tells them to kick off, when they do the ball hits one knocking him over. The Hyundai Sonata, the audience learns that the car can hold up to seven passengers and has a sleek appearance that any mom would appreciate. The commercial is making a lifestyle appeal for soccer mom types, that they can look cool, drive around a lot of kids, and be appreciated by those kids.

This is shown because the mom is driving and she goes around to pick up the other kids, she knows where they are so she has been there before and she has that mentality given her expressions. The psychographic audience of this commercial is the mainstreamer because the audience is moms so it would make sense that the psychographic audience is home-oriented, and wants a more family brand.

Moms tend to want the things that will be a good value and the safest thing for their family and that in the Hyundai shown in this commercial, advertisement analysis assignment. Pathos is appealed to by the audience feeling bad for the little boy when the bullies take away his football, so they are on advertisement analysis assignment side and then when he comes back with his bad ass friends the audience is excited to see them beaten.

Overall the ad persuades the audience that the Hyundai Sonata is a safe car that can hold a lot of people while keeping moms away from the awful image of the minivan, advertisement analysis assignment.

The visual scenes that the commercial provides show that the car is not a minivan, and that everyone appreciates the reliability and appearance of the car. Also the facial expressions that the mom and son share help to persuade the audience that even kids think that the car is cool. Also the ad shows that the demographic is clear, which helps to clearly persuade moms to buy the Sonata and dump their advertisement analysis assignment. Ad 5: 1.

The ad begins in a crowded elevator some people advertisement analysis assignment complaining about Mondays, a middle aged white man says something positive in a flaunt Jamaican accent, he goes from situation to situation in his office building making complimants in this accent. The next thing shown is him and two others ins a bright red Volkswagen bug smiling, when they get back they too have Jamaican accents and are very positive.

The Volkswagen bug is being advertised, the ad shows that the car improves attitude and relaxation level in people, and that it is made in Germany. Also a lifestyle appeal is being made because the ad shows that the car improves the attitude of even the most negative people, much as the people in the business meeting. The advertisements demographic is middle aged people who have boring jobs or are too uptight who need and escape, advertisement analysis assignment.

This is because the commercial depicts an office full of dull depressed people except for the owner of the Volkswagen, who is bright advertisement analysis assignment cheery people can relate to this office situation and see that the car gives them an escape from reality and are able to be happy.

The ad is geared towards the people who are mainstreamers but want to be able to be happy with what they have at the same time. The ad appeals to emotion by at first having people relate to the negative people in the commercial and not really understand the main characters attitude, advertisement analysis assignment then in the end the audiences attitude changes and they are actually happier from just seeing the cars effects. The ad overall is able to persuade the audience into believing that the car will give them a sense of relaxation and influence them to be happy.

The ad does this by showing advertisement analysis assignment audience exactly what they want to hear, that a car will fulfill them and give them something that they want out of life, happiness. The ad is effective because it allows its audience to believe that the car it is advertising will fulfill their human need and want of being happy.

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The essay is the most important part of a college application, so you need to focus and make a good essay to convince the university accept you. You even get help from essay writing expert to ensure you acceptance. Check out, please DigitalEssay. Tuesday, February 5, advertisement analysis assignment, Advertising Analysis Assignment. Analyze five 5 advertisements to turn in on Tuesday advertisement analysis assignment, February Respond to each of advertisement analysis assignment following ten 10 prompts for each of the five 5 advertisements you plan to analyze.

Describe the advertisement in detail without judgment. What do you see? What do you hear? What product, service, or idea is being advertised? What do you know about the product that might be relevant to your analysis of the advertisement? What appeals or techniques are used in the advertisement? Advertising techniques are listed on the back.

What micropropaganda slogan, logo, jingle is used in the advertisement? If necessary draw the logo. Micropropanganda techniques are described on the back.

When and where did you view the advertisement? In other words… In what magazine? On what TV station, during what TV show, and at what time of day? Answering this question will help you determine the target audience, advertisement analysis assignment. Explain your answer. Demographic categories can be found on the back. Psychographic categories can be found on the back.


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advertisement analysis assignment


Advertising Analysis Assignment SUPERBOWL SUNDAY ADVERTISING ASSIGNMENT. Analyze five (5) What do you know about the product that might be relevant to your analysis of the advertisement? 3. Knowledge. What appeals or techniques are used in the advertisement? (Advertising techniques are listed on the back.) beralpasa.cf: Mr. J. Cook. Mar 14,  · and grammar will be included in the evaluation. Your analysis should be clear, cohesive and make sense on its own without requiring a general audience to have read the assignment guidelines in advance to make sense of it. SOCIB Winter Analysis of an Advertisement from Popular Culture: Instructions. Sample Ad Analysis. Using the steps for conducting a semiotic analysis outlined in the Semiotics Handout as the foundation for your argument, write a short, word analysis of a women's fashion advertisement from a current magazine. Preparation for this assignment requires the following: 1.) Locating an appropriate advertisement 2.).