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Although it's known as the best bass lake in California, Lake Oroville isn't a one-fish wonder. Anglers love fishing the lake for catfish, Chinook salmon, sturgeon, crappie, blue gill, mackinaw and, of course, several types of bass, including small and largemouth, spotted, red eye and Florida strain black bass. Report: by Pat» Sun May 26, am And, the fishing at Lake Oroville is great right now. Not unusual for a pair of anglers to catch in a day. There will . Lake Oroville, also known as Lake Edmonston, is a reservoir in the U.S. state of California, formed by the Oroville Dam across the Feather River. The lake is situated in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada about 5 miles northeast of Oroville. At over 3,, acre feet, it is one of the largest reservoirs in California, after Shasta Lake.

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By Kevin Hofer In the bass world, lake oroville fishing report, Northern California may lake oroville fishing report best known for its largemouth in Clear Lake and the Sacramento Delta, or its giant spots at Bullards Bar, but this part of the state also has a healthy … Continued.

By Wes Ward Duckworth welded aluminum boats have long been one of the best built fishing platforms available. Built to the highest construction and performance standards, Duckworth has a legendary reputation for quality. When Cal received the call from NorCal … Continued. By Cal Kellogg The conditions had gone from great to not so good, lake oroville fishing report.

Though small compared to … Continued. Salmon fishing was best on the Feather River, but was still tough … Continued. I got the invite … Continued. By Cal Kellogg There is something special about ocean salmon fishing.

When there are salmon lurking beyond the Golden Gate, you can feel the electricity in the air at Bay Area ports and saltwater enthusiasts have a spring in their … Continued.

By Kevin Hofer King salmon, are one of the most prized fish in our state because of their large size, high quality meat, and more often than not a great fight.

After years of living on the Delta and fishing … Continued.


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lake oroville fishing report


Report: Author: Landlocked Salmon are Still Biting at Lake Oroville With the weekend coming up, it's time for more» Kevin Brock: Landlocked Salmon are Biting at Lake Oroville Local Fishing Update If you've thought about catching some more» Kevin Brock: Lake Oroville Fishing Report by Beau Allen. Lake Oroville Fishing Report Lake Oroville - Oroville, CA (Butte County) by RB Bass Website. It’s been a long hard year that started right here in March on Lake Oroville. Last weekend marked the ending of the FPT season in beautiful Oroville California. Report: by Pat» Sun May 26, am And, the fishing at Lake Oroville is great right now. Not unusual for a pair of anglers to catch in a day. There will .